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XPAND Performance is tailored to train teams of founders, executives, employees, and investors who work in high-pace intensive environments for peak performance under stress and exertion - both acute and chronic planned and unplanned.


Participants learn and practice how to develop and maintain - individually and as a team -  balance, resilience, clarity, focus, mental control, and creativity, in the hectic everyday life as well as under the most challenging conditions. 

Workshop formats range between 5 hrs to 3 days and are perfect for a team activity or an off-site.  All formats include practice in the water (in a private swimming pool), a theoretical introduction to the mechanism and methodologies, and devote the majority of the workshop to implementation inside and outside the water, practicing mindset transformation, breathing techniques, actual water training, individual and team-work simulations, and preparation for peak performance.


Liraz Lasry
Tom Peled

Dr. Liraz Lasry

Liraz is a Management & Business Professor, teaching popular courses and workshops at the top executive and entrepreneurship programs at Tel-Aviv University and Kellogg as well as NYU and Columbia. She is an international keynote speaker & TEDx speaker.

Liraz is a personal advisor and mentor to founders, executives and investors worldwide, specializing on growth mindset - mental, emotional, professional - and the founder of the XPAND Executive Retreat. She is also a kitesurfer and the co-founder and board member of the Founders Kite Club GmbH, an international community of over 600 successful founders and investors, all passionate about kitesurfing, business and growth mindset. 

Tom Peled

Tom is a former Navy Seals officer and team leader in the Israeli Navy, where he still trains the navy seals, the special air force and police units and other special elite units in-water skills, diving and peak performance.

With over 20 years of experience as a professional diver, he was also director of education and training in the Israeli diving federation.


Tom is currently a professional freediving athlete and coach, training elite competitive freedivers from all over the world, and a breath and peak performance coach for elite professionals in various fields. He also uses breath coaching to work with individuals on health and mental aspects such as respiratory issues, PTSD, chronic stress and anxiety.  


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Workshops take place globally (upon pre-booking). Please note that availability is limited, so it is advised to book as much ahead of time as possible.

*Water shirts and pants are provided.

*No prior water experience is required. In fact, our workshops are known to have a side effect of dissolving stubborn water fears.


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